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Creative Loft has invested in high availability web hosting by offering this service to its customers through its agreements with OVH, the densest network in Europe and North Africa. The choice of network and its speed is also important regarding the SEO of websites. Indeed, a dedicated IP address associated with a good domain name and an effective geolocation help you get better visibility.

Hosting in Tunisia



The implemented technologies ensure a level of availability and a very high speed quality of access to your data (flow). Thus, each day we notice bandwidth availability and a response rate of your server.



Creative Loft personally ensures the realization of daily backups and storage in different media:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups of all your data (E-mails, databases, files).
  • Storing backups on different media types and different repositories.
  • Conservation of the last 10 daily backups, the last 4 weekly and last 12 monthly ones.



Safety is regularly tested for security audits performed by recognized and high-quality external stakeholders. Implementations of the recommendations are then validated by these external stakeholders.


Creative Loft offers a full service e-mail addresses:

  • Creating, editing (password ...) and delete E-mail accounts
  • Definition of forwarding E-mails
  • Definition of mailing lists
  • Consultation of E-mail by webmail or a mail client (for example: Outlook, Thunderbird ...)


Domain name

Creative Loft completely discharges you from the management of domain names. You still own full rights of your domain name while you are discharged from administrative tasks related to it. So you don’t have to worry about filing domain name, or annual renewal.