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Your e-commerce business website has an outstanding source to develop your sales and customer loyalty.

The possession of an e-commerce website offers you the opportunity to present your various offers and products. Besides, you will improve your visibility on engines search results. We propose you ready-made and secure solutions, offering you possibility to establish your own management and set up all different promotions.

ecommerce standard shop

This entry-level offering lets you choose between two website models to exhibit your products. You will simply manage the stock as well as products’ orders from your clients due to CSM Magento. A training of use will allow you work independently on your site.

Classification :

Boosteo Choice betwwen 2 graphic models

Boosteo Up to 500 products datasheet

Boosteo Up to 10 products families

Boosteo Intern search

Boosteo Training of use

Boosteo CMS Magento


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optimized ecommerce shop

All what you need

Through the optimized shop website,, we offer you to benefit from a totally custom graphic design. Advanced functions make marketing easier such as a newsletter tool and an intern search engine. A custom training makes you independent and efficient in the management of your e-commerce website.

Classification :

Boosteo Custom graphics models

Boosteo Up to 1000 products datasheet

Boosteo Up to 25 products families

Boosteo Intern search & Newsletter

Boosteo Training of use

Boosteo CMS Magento


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ecommerce premium shop

Browse the world of E-business

The premium shop website includes all advanced functions of sales management. The use of powerful tools coupled with our in-depth analyzes guarantee a marketing strategy in line with your sales goals. Through the Shop Premium website become more efficient and commercially aggressive.

Classification :

Boosteo Unique & dynamic graphic interface

Boosteo Unlimited number of products families

Boosteo Zoom on the visuals of your products

Boosteo Intern search & Newsletter

Boosteo Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boosteo Product comparaison


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Themes & Templates

Choose from a multitude of our templates the look that suits you best.

Our suggestions of web design are entirely flexible according to your needs. Choose the required features, add your options, or ask for technical development of specific and custom modules. Our high motivation and creative spirit are entirely at your service!